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Framatec is certified by Qualibat and holds the following qualifications:
  • 2413 "metal constructions and structures annual production > 2500 t" (superior technicality)
  • 2511 rigid bridges and footbridges (standard technicality)
  • 4413 metalworking "superior technicality"

SNCF qualifications
  • 2423 "Manufacturing of roadways of reduced size, capacity to handle structural elements superior to 10 tonnes”. Confirmed technicality
  • 2424 “Company being able to manufacture engineered structures other than bridges (pedestrian footbridges for example). Confirmed technicality

Surface treatment qualifications
  •  OHGPI for its surface treatment site in Rambervillers (Office d'Homologation des Garanties de Peinture Industrielle - Office of Approval for Certification of Industrial Painting).
  •   ACQPA for its painters in Rambervillers

Organisation tree



An efficient and well-tested procedure

As soon as an order is placed, Framatec implements the same procedure which is the result of many years of experience.

Framatec's procedure

  1. The project manager who's in charge of communication between the client and Framatec, ensures the technical development of the project and makes sure our commitments are perfectly respected.
  2. The design office then manages the development of the project: Preparation of design calculations, creation of the main plans and execution plans with the assistance of a high-performance CAD tool (Bocad software by BSI) which is connected to the computer numerical control machines in the workshop.
    Meanwhile, the quality department determines the welding process, the manufacturing process and the supply of materials.
  3. Once this preparation phase has been carried out, the manufacturing process begins. Production is checked at all times: Flow, assembly, welding and surface treatment are subject to regular checks.
  4. Finally, Framatec manages all transport procedures on site and assembly of the manufactured products from our workshops. Bridges and footbridges, in particular, require very specific methods of implementation

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