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Classic and complex structural steel

The structural steel department, Framatec's main activity, puts its know-how at your service every day.

A team which is here to listen
  • Our department's experience enables us to offer you a wide range of systems. Whatever the progress of your project, don't hesitate to contact our team of sales representatives.
  • Our design department will then determine, with the use of high-performance calculation software (Robobat, Melody), the technical solution most adapted to your project (technical constraints, price, deadline).
  • Quality and response are our main assets making it possible to meet your needs with efficiency at all stages of your project (drafting, designing, manufacturing and assembly).

State-of-the-art computer resources
  • CAD workstations equipped with BSI's BOCAD software are directly connected to the workshop.
  • Our computer numerical control machines enable the industrial production of the elements for making the structures.

Classic structures

Complex structures

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