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...   The industrial site in Dinozé was founded at the end of the 19th century.

1985   Founding of the Framatec company (Société Française des Matériels et Techniques Appliquées/French Society of Materials and Applied Techniques)

1990   Construction of new offices (approximately 1000 m²)

1995   Renovation of the workshops (20 000 m²)

2000   Investment in computer numerical control machines.

2005   Construction of a shipping facility in Dinozé of approximately 1000 m² with a 20-tonne bridge crane.

2008   Replacement of our stock of computer numerical control machines (saws, drilling machines, plasma cutters)

2010   Purchase of the assets of the MPLS company in Rambervillers, renamed Framatec Peinture, where shot-blasting, sandblasting, liquid painting, metallising and powder coating are carried out.

2011   Construction of a logistics building in Rambervillers of approximately 1200 m² with a 30-tonne bridge crane, and installation of an automatic tunnel type shot-blasting machine.

...   Purchase forcasts for 2012/2013/2014:
  • a laser cutting machine
  • a lorry and 6 articulated lorries
  • 3 bridge cranes
  • Extension of our production site in Dinozé by approximately 3000 m²
  • a press brake
  • a bending unit

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