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88000 DINOZE
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Join our team

Framatec is constantly looking out for new talent in order to reach and exceed its goals.

Administrative staff, design engineers, calculators, draughtsmen-designers, supervisors, assemblers, production personnel, sales representatives, purchasers, don't hesitate to join our teams!

If you're interested, send us your CV and a cover letter to framatec@framatec.fr

Job offers:

We are currently looking for:
  • Draughtsmen designers with good command of our Bocad software
  • Experienced assemblers
  • Calculation engineers with command of our calculation software Melody and Robot
  • Experienced structural steel assemblers

Work experience:

We currently offer work experience for periods of 4 to 6 months:
  • End-of-study training course CALCULATION AND DESIGN (3rd year of civil engineering studies, Master 2, Specialised Masters) in calculation and design within our design department
  • End-of-study training course INDUSTRIAL OPTIMISATION (3rd year of engineering studies, master 2, Specialised Masters) within our production teams. The goal of this training course being the analysis and improvement of our industrial processes within our two workshops
  • End-of-study training course MARKETING AND NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT (2nd or 3rd year of business school, master 2, specialised master entrepreneurship) in the development and marketing of new products (market research, sales canvassing, supplier research, development of prototypes).

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192, Rue de la Papeterie F- 88000 DINOZE
Tel.: +33(0)3 29 69 69 00 - Fax: +33(0)3 29 82 51 67